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We speacialise in Home loans and Investment loans explained in your language, not the banks! Our Biggest compliment is out clients say” We explained it in simple and easy understand terms, I was confused when I left the bank”.

Why choose Paul Hutchins Loans Centre?

Surely, like everyone else you're confused with the endless housing loan options on the market - who wouldn't be?

Combine this with all the "good advice" you get from friends and relatives about the best way to set up your home loan to pay it off sooner.

"Pick a loan that you can pay your salary into"

"Split your loan into fixed and variable"

"Pay your loan fortnightly" - and so on.

Sound familiar? At Paul Hutchins Loans Centre our financiers have been carefully selected to ensure that all the competitive housing loan types are covered and importantly - the most competitive interest rates.

Why waste your time and money trying to source the best deal - let us do it for you ... FREE OF CHARGE!

Not happy with your current home loan?

If you think your current loan isn't working for you, chances are it isn't.

With the dozens of options available in the market these days it can be hard to choose the right loan in advance but don't despair.

With our access to a wide range of products we can refinance you into a housing loan that not only better suits your situation, but will probably save you money at the same time.

Why not check out who we deal with.

Salary into your home loan?

We're sure by now that you've heard of people paying their wages direct into their home loan and paying their bills with a credit card in an attempt to pay off their loan in a matter of years.

Want to know how it works and if it will work for you?

"Income flushing" (the common term for this type of banking) has revolutionised the housing loan market over the last few years. Not only will we fully explain the concept to you but give you the widest possible range of options to make sure you make the most of your income.

And remember - we will provide ongoing support to make sure your loan is working the way you want - free of charge.

Use us how you want.

We are at your service. We can either give you as many finance options as you wish or recommend one we believe will suit you.

You may even want details on a particular bank's range of products. No problem - just ask.

And remember, we won't charge you for our services, so not only will you be saving time and money but also plenty of headaches.